The Jersey Good Business Network Terms and Conditions

Member Terms and Conditions


The Jersey Good Business Network “the Network” is the affiliate network of the Jersey Good Business Charter “the Charter”, a Charity registered in Jersey.


Membership of the network is for individuals. Membership fees may be settled by a corporate entity, but at all times the membership pertains to the named individual, not the corporate entity. Membership is not transferable.

Member Benefits

Members of the Network are entitled to admission at various events hosted by the Charter and its affiliates from time to time. Members are entitled to purchase tickets at favourable prices, such tickets are for the benefit of the member only and are not transferable.

Members are also entitled to admission at exclusive member-only events, hosted from time to time by the Charter and its affiliates.

Members will also be given a book of the year related to the topic of Business Ethics, selected by Jersey Good Business Council.

Member Permissions

Members may make public the fact of their membership, subject to provisions of clause 5 below.

Member Obligations

Members may not display or use the Chartermark of the Jersey Good Business Charter in relation to their personal membership.

Members of the Network do not hold the membership rights in relation to the Jersey Good Business Council and the Jersey Good Business Charter Board of Governors which are held by Corporate members of the Charter.

Data Privacy

The Jersey Good Business Charter and its affiliates are Data Controllers. The Charter and its affiliates hold information in relation to each member, including, but not limited to their name, e-mail address, contact details, payments made, events attended and other information necessary to the running of an information network. Such information is held and used according to the organisations Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policies. Members, as Data Subjects have rights in relation to their data including the rights of inspection, correction and deletion. The Data Controllers reserve the rights to share the contact data of members with affiliate organisations based in Jersey, for the benefit of members. Where Members have provided financial information, such a bank or credit card information, to a third party on behalf of the Network, the Network does not have direct access to such data. 


Membership is subject to the payment of an annual fee, which is shown on the website of the Charter. In the event that fees are not paid, membership ceases within 30 days of the end of the membership year.

Membership Year

The membership year runs from the date of payment for one calendar year. Membership may not be suspended or transferred.


These terms are subject to the Law of Jersey.