Doing Less = Achieving more Event

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Self-care and wellbeing for business leaders and entrepreneurs With Paul Hargreaves, entrepreneur, author and Chief Exec of Cotswold Fayre Ltd. A talk and book launch in partnership with The Jersey Good Business Charter
Doing Less Achieving More

Special Event 27th March

The culture of an organisation is closely linked to the wellbeing of its leaders. Building a workplace in which your people can flourish involves developing sustainable personal work practices and high self-awareness.

Is it possible to achieve more by doing less? We will be exploring this subject at a free event next week, with special guest speaker Paul Hargreaves and in partnership with Jersey Business

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Update: Event Sold Out

A New Kind of Business Leadership

Business leaders are increasingly aware of the need to care for their people and take seriously the wellbeing of those who work for and with them. Many businesses are taking this further and adopting a “triple bottom line” approach, balancing the need to become profitable with attention to the social and environmental value that they are creating.

What is less often discussed and considered are the effects of leading a business on the leader themselves. Business performance can be deeply affected by the wellbeing, health, and state of mind of the leader. This is particularly true for entrepreneurs and startups where the risks of overwork and burnout are dangerously high.

Paul Hargreaves, in his new book, Forces for Good, explores what he calls “the fourth bottom” line – which is YOU! – asking how your business is impacting and creating value for you and your well being.

In this talk, interview and Q&A Paul will talk about what he has learned about work ethos, use of time, mindful practices and self-awareness which have contributed to his own wellbeing, the success of his business and his enjoyment of his work and life. He will explain how he has learned to achieve more by doing less.

He will also share some of the other ideas in his new book Forces For Good.

Event Speaker

Paul Hargreaves

Paul Hargreaves
Chief Exec
Cotswold Fayre Ltd

Paul Hargreaves is the Chief Exec of Cotswold Fayre Ltd, a fine food wholesaler supplying over 1,500 retail outlets throughout the UK and Ireland. The company is one of the 60 founding UK B Corporations, a group of companies which meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance in the UK. Paul has long believed in using his business to create a better world at home and abroad for both his people, other people, and the planet. For many years he has invested his own time and resources into a children’s centre, schools and an orphan age in one of the poorest parts of the world, Western Kenya.

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