Charter Awardee- ROK Construction

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We are delighted to announce that ROK Construction has been awarded the prestigious standard for corporate citizenship.

We are thrilled to announce that the latest Awardee of The Jersey Good Business Charter is ROK Construction.

It is gratifying to know that our ongoing commitment to being a Good Business and the effect we have on all the stakeholders that we touch throughout our works is recognised. The Charter is also further encouraging our whole team to be leaders not only in the Construction Industry but leaders in Business which is having a profound effect.

Richard De Gruchy
Managing Director

Awarded for community contribution

ROK Construction Group were awarded The Jersey Good Business Charter for their efforts to contribute meaningfully to the local community through good business practice. Our Good Business Council were highly impressed by the way ROK Construction leads the way in their sector through their efforts and intentions of good business practice.


We congratulate Richard de Gruchy and the team at ROK Construction Group for their successful application and dedication to the principles of Good Business and Corporate Citizenship in all that they do.

Company Size: 60 persons

Awarded: Standard Charter Status

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